Hi there! I'm Guillem Poy.
I'm a student of computer engineering and video game development.

About me

Who I am?

Hi! I'm Guillem, a student of computer engineering and video game development from Barcelona, Spain.

How do I define myself?

I love creating games and I'm always thinking about how to facilitate tasks and improve the user experience.

I'm a very curious person who likes to learn new concepts, work methodologies and deep into fascinating engineering worlds such as rocket science.

However, I also like to help those who need it through my work trying to look for new points of view, to solve problems or just helping out specially with field projects.

What is this web page?

In this web page you can find some of the finished projects I've worked on, access my LinkedIn and, if you wish, contact me through the information in the last section.

My Work

About Triunity Studios

What is it?

Triunity Studios is the name under which I sign most of my personal projects.


In some projects, I receive some kind of help in some topics which I do not master. I want to see those projects as collaborative work and, in addition, I do not work in my projects trying to get merits from them.

Those are the reasons under the decision of using that name. A name that, for me, represents all the people that helped me on the development of every project since the beginning.

From where did it came from?

Some years before starting my university degree I went with some friends to visit a university. At that moment everyone seemed to want to study video game's development there.

To get into the world and get ready for that degree we wanted to start a project together but first, we desired "a cool name". We were three, so we came up with "Triunity Studios".

At the end, I'm the only one that studied video game's development and that project was never finished. However, the name thrived.