Sometimes board dungeon games can be limited in content (for reasons of space and weight) and that affects the player's experience.

In times of need came the idea of creating an application that would end this limitation and offer the team the possibility of approaching the procedural generation. In this way Dungeon Assault was created, in support of the creation of dungeons for board role-playing games.


In Dungeon Assault dungeons will be generated randomly following a few restrictions.

Among them are the greater possibility of generating a box of corridor instead of a room and the fact that it will be checked every time there is the space necessary to be able to "build" there.

In addition, there is also a probability of bifurcation and other factors that will help to generate very varied dungeons but always avoiding that they are not playfully fun.


In the rooms will generate different enemies with varied statistics in addition to, sometimes, several treasures and prizes. Both enemies and players will be able to move freely to find rooms and engage in combat in search of the most precious and coveted goods.


You can download from here the result of this small project and test it with your friends undertaking magical and intrepid adventures!